Studio Policies:

1. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN!!ii That includes babies. A TATTOO and BODY PIERCING STUDIO is NOT thee place for them. PERIOD.

2. NO FOOD OR OPEN CONTAINER DRINKS, please eat else where. A TATTOO studio should look and smell clean. We are trying to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for our clientele.


4. Bring ideas on paper. Gather your thoughts about what you would like to have TATTOOED in advance. Pictures or photos used for reference are a great help. They will assist you to convey your ideas to an artist and will literally put you on thee same page.

5. If you are coming in for a TATTOO or BODY PIERCING appointment, eat first, exercise proper hygiene and be mentally prepared for your work. Be on time.

6. If you are sick, have a cold or a terrible hangover call and reschedule.

7. If you are having drama with a loved one stay home and take care of your business in private. Please take a moment to call and reschedule.

8.   Camera and cell phone photography of our artwork, flash and photos is stealing. We also do not allow photos or filming ov TATTOO or BODY PIERCING procedures without approval, it is rude and inconsiderate.

9. Check attitudes at thee door, we will treat you with respect and expect thee same in return. We do not need outside negative energy.

10. Leave your street attitude and bullshit out-side, we do not want your negative energy inside.

11. Be sure to bring PROOF OF YOUR AGE, state or military ID or passport. You MUST be 18 years old or older to receive any TATTOO or BODY PIERCING in thee state ov Wisconsin. (Only exception being BODY PIERCING for minors, which is addressed in thee column to thee right)

12. Make sure you bring YOUR credit or debit card. Know your balance. Or cash. We do not take checks.

13. Be sure you have plenty of time to get your TATTOO done, we will not rush through a TATTOO or BODY PIERCING procedure.

14. When asking for a price we will tell you what WE charge. If you do not like thee estimate, go else where, we do not care what amount that you were quoted “down thee street”. We will give you a fair price for a quality TATTOO. Look at our portfolios, our work will speak for itself. We will not haggle. We uphold strong ethics and standards. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but we will tell you thee truth.

15.Do not ask for discounts. If you deserve one, you will get one. We will always acknowledge return clientele and good referrals!!ii

16. NO SMOKING in thee studio, there is a designated area located outside thee entrance.

17. Tipping is always accepted and greatly appreciated.

18. Most artists will offer one free touch up on a TATTOO during the first year. Discuss this with your artist in advance. This excludes hands and feet. Also, a touch up is based on an individual artists discretion, if there are signs ov sun damage or picking, it will void that agreement.  

19. We at i ov thee dragon understand thee want or need for moral support or company during a TATTOO or PIERCING session. Only one person will be allowed with you in thee work area at a time. Please do not bring an entourage.

20. DO NOT touch your TATTOO or BODY PIERCINGS  in thee studio. Also, DO NOT switch out jewelry, yourself, that you purchase in store for thee same reason. We offer to switch it out or free if purchased here, so take advantage ov that!!ii If you are bringing in jewelry that you wish to have put in, have it in a sealed bag, DO NOT come in and throw it on thee counter. It is a cross contamination nightmare.

20. We have thee right to refuse service to ANYONE for ANY reason.

Minor Policies:

i ov thee dragon DOES NOT TATTOO ANYONE under 18 years ov age. We also DO NOT BODY PIERCE ANYONE, under the age ov 18, without documented parental consent!!ii i ov thee dragon TATTOO and BODY PIERCING accepts minors for BODY PIERCING, at 16+, and follows the state guidelines for procedures on minors. SORRY, WE DO NOT PIERCE BABIES EARS.

Minor must provide:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Parent or Legal Guardian must be present during the procedure, and provide photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, etc.)

  • Photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, School ID)

If there is some reason that last names and address does not match, there must be documentation on the name change or other pertinent information.

Returns or Refunds:

There are NO CASH RETURNS on aftercare products or body jewelry. NO REFUNDS for TATTOO or BODY PIERCING work. If a jewelry item is defective, thee item will be replaced with new or similar item. If there is a valid issue with a procedure, all attempts will be made to remedy thee problem. Artist discretion will be used on a per case basis.

Gift Certificate & Gift Cards:

Please inform us when making an appointment that you will be redeeming a gift certificate/gift card and provide thee gift number.  In order to redeem, you must present a gift certificate/gift card to your artist PRIOR to any work to be completed.  All gift certificates/gift cards MUST be verified before thee procedure. Gift certificates/gift cards will not be extended beyond the expiration date, which is one year (365 days) after the date of issue.  i ov thee dragon is not responsible for lost, stolen, destroyed, or altered gift certificates/gift cards. Altered items will be rendered VOID ov all value. Gift certificates/gift cards are not transferable, non-refundable or redeemable for cash or credit. i ov thee dragon reserves the right to amend and terminate the terms and conditions without prior notice.



A deposit is sometimes required at the time of setting up an appointment. A deposit is applied toward the final cost at the time of your appointment. If you fail to show up for the scheduled appointment, or do not call to reschedule an appointment that will be missed, your deposit becomes null and NON REFUNDABLE.