about thee owner:

johnathan zbinden: 20+ years of locally serving your BODY PIERCING needs.

Johnathan is thee owner and senior body piercer ov thee studio. He started his body piercing career in Daytona Beach Florida in 1991. He has been licensed in thee state ov Wisconsin since 1999, when thee laws regulating tattoo and body piercing were put into effect in thee Racine area. He has been working  as a full time body piercer in Wisconsin at various studios, and then at i ov thee dragon, since 2003. He has accumulated a vast range of clientele over thee years, coming from all over Southeastern Wisconsin, thee Milwaukee Metro Area, Chicago, and Northern Illinois. Body piercings are done with proper type and sizing using APP standards as a reference. Racine's most experienced and professional body piercing specialist.


studio history

i ov thee dragon TATTOO and BODY PIERCING was opened in thee fall ov 2003 by Johnathan "iinvisible" Zbinden.

i ov thee dragon TATTOO and BODY PIERCING is located in thee heart ov thee arts district at 614 6th street, in Downtown Racine, Wisconsin 53403. Thee studio has been voted Best ov Racine County.

We are Racine's only full service TATTOO and BODY PIERCING studio, and home ov thee cities most respected BODY PIERCER. Thee location facilitates a sterile, relaxing environment, with a chilled out, art gallery type, atmosphere. We have an integrated sound system with flat panel televisions for your entertainment or distraction. Thee studio also has windows and sky lights, which produce an abundance ov natural light, and gallery space available for local artists to exhibit their work.

Our tattoo minimum is $50. All basic PIERCINGS start at $30, including ASTM or ISO standard surgical steel or titanium. P.T.F.E. implantation grade Teflon is also available for certain PIERCINGS. Micro-dermal anchors, genital PIERCINGS, tapering, cartilage and surface PIERCING projects prices will vary. We keep a large selection ov body jewelry in stock for sale and special orders are available. Aftercare products are also available, including dead sea salt and H2OCEAN saline piercing spray and mouthwash for PIERCINGS, EMU oil for TATTOO and PIERCING aftercare. (Based on supplier availability) Body jewelry purchased from thee studio can be put into a healed PIERCING at no charge. There is no additional fee for single tapering. Jewelry items from other stores can be put in, for a small fee, as long as they are ov thee proper body jewelry type and material.  Artists at I O T D  are red cross CPR and blood borne pathogen certified. Hospital style sterilization techniques are used and documented. Monthly spore tests are conducted, recorded and then sent out to an independent testing laboratory to ensure autoclave sterilization assurance.